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NME 36 Endocrine Histology (Pituitary)

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Secretory epithelial cells
Endocrine glands are islands of [_______]
Generally, endocrine secretory cells have an [epithelial/endothelial] origin
Pituitary gland
An example of an endocrine gland which exists as a discrete organ
Endocrine tissue may be found in association with exocrine glands, e.g. the [______]
An example of a complex organ containing endocrine tissue
Glycoprotein hormones
Complex protein hormones bearing carbohydrate side chains
An example of a glycoprotein hormone
Pituitary gland
A gland sometimes referred to as the 'master' or 'key' endocrine gland
Pars nervosa
Another name for the posterior pituitary gland, other than 'neurohypophysis'
The approximate diameter of the pituitary gland (cm)
Sella turcica
The pituitary gland lies in a bony cavity in the base of the skull, called the [______]
Pars tuberalis
An extension of the anterior pituitary which wraps round the pituitary stalk
Neurological tissue
The embryological origin of the posterior pituitary gland
Rathke's pouch
The embryological origin of the anterior pituitary gland
Pars intermedia
The boundary between the anterior and posterior lobes of the pituitary gland
The pars intermedia often contains [____], which are a remainder of Rathke's pouch
Melanocyte-stimulating hormone
The pars intermedia synthesises and secretes [____]
Pituitary gland secretion is directly controlled by the [______]
Non-endocrine tissue and other endocrine glands
Pituitary hormones act on either a) [______] or b) [_______]
Direct acting hormones
Pituitary hormones which act on non-endocrine tissue (Type?)
Growth hormone and prolactin
The direct action pituitary hormones
Trophic hormones
Pituitary hormones which act on other endocrine glands
The trophic pituitary hormones
Direct acting
The posterior pituitary gland secretes [trophic/direct acting] hormones only