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LC 1.5b Embryology Lecture 'Placenta'

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The term used to describe the separations of the placenta, divided by septa
A structure derived from the fetus and is outermost in the placenta
Lymphocytic suppressor cells
Small [_______] may inhibit Interleukin 2 and hence maternal immune system
Decidual tissue
[_______] may make it difficult for immune cells to get to conceptus
Neurokinin B
A protein found in synctiotrophoblast cells, the levels of which raise during pre-eclampsia
Placenta accreta
A condition where the placenta is embedded more deeply than normal
Placenta abrupta
A condition where the placenta is loosely embedded and liable to detach
The umbilical vein carries [_________] blood
The umbilical arteries carry [__________] blood