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LC 1.7c Premature Babies

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Perinatal mortality rate
Still births + deaths in the first 7 days per 1000 total births
Still birth
Baby born after 24 weeks of conception, without any signs of life
Infant mortality rate
Deaths in the first 365 days per 1000 live births
Neonatal mortality rate
Deaths in the first 28 days per 1000 live births
40 weeks
The normal duration of pregnancy, in weeks
Babies born before [__] weeks are preterm/premature
Babies born after [__] weeks are post-term/mature
37 - 42
Babies born from between [__] - [__] weeks are normal term
Cerebral palsy
A neurological condition that premature babies are prone to
Proportion of live births of <32 weeks gestation has [_______] over 30 years since 1970s