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LC 2.3 Childhood Obesity

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Weight (kg) / Height Squared (m)
The formula for calculating a person's body mass index (BMI)
Dental cavities, low iron intake, low calcium intake and obesity
The key nutritional problems and issues faced by children in the UK
Between 2009/10, roughly [__]% of boys aged 10-11 in Stockton-on-Tees were overweight or obese
Psychosocial, orthopaedic and type 2 diabetes
Three potential consequences of childhood obesity
Places, people and products
Three areas on the population level where interventions could be made to improve dietary behaviours
Eat healthier, be less lazy and exercise more
Three 'complex' interventions for improving dietary behaviours
When attempting to improve children's dietary behaviours, involve the whole [______] rather than just the children
When trying to improve children's dietary behaviours, never forget to make it [___]!
Coronary heart disease
The most common cause of premature death amongst obese people
Colon cancer
A type of cancer which obese people are three times more likely to develop
Type 2 diabetes
A condition strongly linked with obesity - until recent years, it only developed during adulthood