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LC 2.7 Child Protection and Errors in Child Care

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Physical, emotional, sexual and neglect
The four definitions of child abuse
Vulnerable and normal
The two categories of families at risk of child abuse
Vulnerable families
Families with young mothers, multiple partners, poor social networks and poverty/homelessness
Vulnerable children
Children who are disabled, have a chronic illness, or show sexualised behaviour due to previous abuse
Fabricated illness
Concerning child protection, abuse may be masked by [________]
[___] family is capable of child abuse
The Children Act 2004
An Act of Parliament in the UK implemented for child protection
Children's Services Authority
An authority formed from the merging of the Local Education Authority and the children's component of Social Services in 2006
Engineering, physical containment, automation are [____] defences against child abuse
Procedures, protocols and people are [____] defences against child abuse
Looked After Children
Children in the care of the authority, formally fostered and children who are to be adopted
Social Services, police and NSPCC
Services that have the power to remove children from their parents/carers
Concerning child protection, mistakes made by the system are [____] conditions
Concerning child protection, mistakes made by inviduals are [____] conditions
Human error factors
Factors that can cause an individual to make mistakes in judgement are [_______]
Failures in [______] can easily lead to gaps in child protection
Senior colleague and child protection register
Sources of information to consult when taking action for child protecton
Social care services
If a child protection issue is suspected, the case should be referred to the [_______]