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LC 2.8 Introduction to Endocrinology

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Endocrine gland
A gland that secretes its hormone directly into the blood stream
Exocrine gland
A gland that secretes its hormone through a duct
Neuroendocrine signalling
A type of hormone signalling prompted by nerves
Hydrophilic and lipophilic
The two solubility groups of hormones
Peptides and catecholamines
The two types of hydrophilic hormones
Steroid and thyroid
The two types of lipophilic hormones
Hydrophilic hormones have [extra/intracellular] receptors
Steroid hormones have [extra/intracellular] receptors
Carrier proteins
In the blood, steroid hormones are bound to [_______]
In the blood, peptide hormones travel [______]
Steroid and peptide
[_______] hormones are made on demand, [_______] hormones are stored inactively
Peptide hormones are broken down [_______]
Steroid hormones are broken down [_______]
Peptide hormones exert a [long/short] effect
Steroid hormones exert a [long/short] effect