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Clin: Examination of the Cardiovascular System

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When performing a cardiovascular examination, the couch should be set at [__] degrees
Comfortable, breathless and equipment
Cardiovascular Exam General Inspection
Clubbing and splinter haemorrhages
Cardiovascular Exam Inspection: Nails for [_______], [_______]
Nicotine staining and capillary refill
Cardiovascular Exam Inspection: Fingers for [______], [________]
Colour and temperature
Cardiovascular Exam Inspection: Hands for [______], [_______]
Corneal arcus, xanthelasma and conjunctiva
Cardiovascular Exam Inspection: Eyes for [_______], [_______] and pallor of [_______]
Malar flush
Cardiovascular Exam Inspection: Cheeks for [_______]
Central cyanosis
Cardiovascular Exam Inspection: Mouth for [_______]
Jugular venous pressure
Cardiovascular Exam Inspection: Neck for [_______]
A normal jugular venous pressure is usually visible <[_] cm above the sternal angle
Assymetries, scars, swellings, pacemakers and pulsations
Cardiovascular Exam Inspection:Chest/precordium for [_______], [_______], [_______], [_______] and [_______]
Thrills and heaves and apex beat
Cardiovascular Exam Palpation: Chest for [_____ + ______] and [_______]
Valve area and carotid arteries
Cardiovascular Exam Auscultation: With patient flat, listen with diaphragm and bell over each [_____] and over the [______]
Cardiovascular Exam Auscultation: With patient on left, listen with bell over [_____]
Left sternal edge
Cardiovascular Exam Auscultation: With patient sat forward, listen with bell over [_______]
Pulmonary, sacral and ankle oedema
Additional tests for a Cardiovascular Exam