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LC 2.10 Eating Disorders in Adolescence

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Anorexia nervosa
An eating disorder characterised by food restriction and fear of gaining weight
Anorexia nervosa is diagnosed following weight loss leading to body weight at least [__]% less than expected for age and height
Anorexia nervosa can lead to [_______] in post-pubertal women
Bulimia nervosa
An eating disorder characterised by binge eating and vomiting
An eating disorder that does not meet the criteria for anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa
Low self-esteem
A key predisposing factor towards eating disorders
The mortality rate (%) of anorexia nervosa
Cardiovascular, endocrine, skeletal and dermatological
The key areas of physical effects of severe anorexia nervosa
A key psychological effect of anorexia nervosa