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The starting letters for each of the Bradford Hill 'criteria' of causal inference
Cohort study
An epidemiological study that follows a group of people over time
Case control study
An epidemiological study in which the risk factors of people with a certain disease are compared with those without the disease (controls)
Cross-sectional study
An epidemiological study which broadly assesses a population, often through surveys
Randomised controlled trial
An epidemiological study where subjects are randomly allocated to receive one or other of the alternative treatments under study
Health inequalities
Systematic differences in health between different socio-economic groups within a society
Behavioural, materialist
The five models of health inequality. [_______], [_______], psychosocial, political and lifecourse
Psychosocial, political and lifecourse
The five models of health inequality. Behavioural, materialist, [_______], [_______] and [_______]
Socio-economic status
A simple model for the determinism of health inequalities. [_______] determines social determinants determines health inequalities
Social determinants, health inequalities
A simple model for the determinism of health inequalities. Socio-economic status determines [_______] determines [_______]
Health inequality model: differences in health-related behaviour (smoking, drinking, nutrition) due to adverse psychological characteristics or because culturally more acceptable
Health inequality model: primacy to material conditions, income and what it enables: access to goods and services, exposures to material risk factors
Health inequality model: how social inequality makes people feel: domination/subordination, superiority/inferiority - and the biological consequences
Health inequality model: different causal mechanisms and processes to explain the social gradient in different diseases
Political economy
Health inequality model: combines aspects of the materialist and psychosocial explanations with the recognition that the meso-level social determinants of health are shaped by macro decisions