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As a 21st century doctor you will need [_______] information
The volume of medical knowledge continues to [________]
Much of what you learn now will soon be [_______]
Up-to-date and effective
Your future patients deserve the most [_______] care you can provide
Selection, integration and analysis
The three stages of self-reflection
A study that takes place over a long period of time
Participant observation
A study that requires participation as well as observation when gathering information
A type of research which focuses on gathering opinions and non-numerical data
Things that can be measured, weighed or otherwise described on a scale where all the intervals are even (length, weight are examples)
Things that cannot be measured on a scale where the intervals are even, and sometimes cannot be measured at all (pain, malaise are examples)
Quantities which can take any value on an interval scale (e.g. length)
Quantities which can take only take some values on an interval scale (e.g. number of patients)
Qualities that can sometimes be ranked or placed in order (e.g pain can be perceived as more or less severe)
Qualities which cannot be ranked but merely placed in categories
Quantitative data are generally [_______]
Qualitative data are generally [_______]
Interest, correspondence, novelty
People rank stories on the basis of these factors, in order of importance. [_______], [_______], [_______], proximity, importance and truth
Proximity, importance and truth
People rank stories on the basis of these factors, in order of importance. Interest, correspondence, novelty, [_______], [_______] and [_______]