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A term used to describe the study of reality
Positivist paradigm
A research paradigm focusing on empirical observations of individual behaviour
Interpretative paradigm
A research paradigm focusing on the researcher's own perspective
Descriptive, analytical and experimental
The three types of quantitative research
An example of a descriptive study
Cohort study
An example of an analytical study
Observational, interviews and focus groups
The three main types of qualitative research
The term used to describe a type of research that sees the researcher observing a group of people
Critical appraisal
The assessment of evidence by systematically reviewing its relevance, validity and results to specific situations
Initiation, information gathering
A summary of the Calgary-Cambridge framework. [_______], [_______], building relationship, explanation and planning
Building relationship, explanation and planning
A summary of the Calgary-Cambridge framework. Initiation, information gathering, [_______], [_______] and [_______]