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MiC PPD SDL - Qualitative

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No previous research, RCTs not possible and complement quantitative
Three roles of qualitative research (i.e. situations befitting qualitative research)
Naturalism, interpretation, process, interaction and relativism
The five concepts of qualitative research
Understanding treatment regimes in an everyday context
Define the qualitative concept of naturalism
The meaning of symptoms and treatment regimes for patients and practitioners
Define the qualitative concept of interpretation
How meanings change over time
Define the qualitative concept of process
How communication between patient and practitioner impacts on the meaning of medication
Define the qualitative concept of interaction
How scientific reality may look different from different perspectives
Define the qualitative concept of relativism
Adds to knowledge, increases confidence and generalisability
What is the relevance of qualitative research?
Triangulation, respondent validation and reflexivity
How is the validity of qualitative research assessed?
Compares results from two or more studies
Define triangulation
Checking with research subjects to reduce error
Define respondent validation
Evaluating the methodology
Define reflexivity