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MiC PPD SDL - Prognosis

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Assessment of probable outcomes for a patient
The definition of prognosis
The presence of one or more disorders (or diseases) in addition to a primary disease or disorder
Age, comorbidity and individual's risk factors
The variables affecting prognosis
A study with no intervention which examines associations between events in their natural setting
The definition of an observational study
A study of patients with certain characteristics to observe the outcome
The definition of a cohort study
Prospective or retrospective
Cohort studies can be either [______] or [_______]
[________] cohort studies are most likely to result in meaningful prognostic data
[________] cohort studies are useful when data has already been collected
Cohort studies may be mandatory when an randomised controlled trial is [______]
Median survival time
Regarding prognosis, this is the time taken for half of a cohort to die
Confounding variables, spurious associations and loss of follow-up
Three problems with prognostic (cohort) studies
Survival time
Regarding prognosis, this is the time elapsed without occurrence/recurrence of an illness