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MiC PPD 1.23 Advertisers, Pressure Groups and Comp

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Data may be presented by different groups in a way that may lead to [_________]
It is your responsibility as a doctor to check the [_________] of an advertisement
Wish state
When people become dead-set on an idea, usually by tying it in with their moral stance. Participants will select, ignore or distort evidence. They are incapable of admitting they're wrong.
Placebo effect
An effect involving convincing oneself that an inert substance has been beneficial
Nocebo effect
An effect involving convincing oneself that an inert substance has been harmful
Dose-response curves
The placebo effect is demonstrable enough that it shows [_________]
True or False: Placebos cannot make you organically better
True or False: A placebo response means you were not ill
Correlation does NOT imply [_________]
Positive publication bias
Only publishing the positive results of research as evidence, instead of both the positive and negative.
Complementary medicine
Medicine in addition to, in support of, modern medical diagnostic and management procedures
Alternative medicine
A complete system of medicine as an alternative to modern medicine, with an alternative theory of illness causation
True or False: If an alternative medicine is natural, it must be harmless
Rejecting rational treatment, seeking alternative diagnosis and public health issues
Three risks of alternative medicine
A key public health issue of alternative medicine is that it reduces the amount of people taking [______]
Placebo effect, regression to the mean, self-healing and publication bias
Homeopathy relies heavily on [_______], [_______], [_______] and [_______]
When interacting with a homeopathic patient, it is important to [______] with their explanatory model