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Clin: Examination of the Gastrointestinal System

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Comfortable, equipment, colour and nutrition
GI Exam General Inspection
Leuconychia, koilonychia and clubbing
GI Exam Inspection: Nails
Dupuytren's contracture
GI Exam Inspection: Fingers
Palmar erythema and liver flap
GI Exam Inspection: Hands
GI Exam Inspection: Upper limb
Jaundice and pallor of conjunctiva
GI Exam Inspection: Eyes
Angular cheilitis, glossitis and ulcers
GI Exam Inspection: Mouth
Spider naevi
GI Exam Inspection: Face/upper chest
GI Exam: If there are more than [_] spider naevi, liver disease should be suspected
Assymetries, scars, swellings, pulsations and bruising
GI Exam Inspection: Abdomen
Light, deep and all regions
GI Exam Palpation: [____] palpation and [____] palpation across [_____]
Liver, spleen and kidneys
GI Exam Palpation: The organs to be palpated
GI Exam Palpation: Organs must be palpated during [_______]
Liver and spleen
GI Exam Percussion: The organs to be percussed
GI Exam Percussion: The [____] is percussed from the RIF upwards
GI Exam Percussion: The [____] is percussed from the RIF to the left costal margin
Bowel sounds, aortic and renal bruits
GI Exam Auscultation: Listen for [______], [______] and [______]
GI Exam: If the abdomen is distended, test for [______]
Cervical and inguinal lymph nodes, hernia, genitalia, dipstick and rectal examination
GI Exam Additional Tests