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Clin: Examination of the Breasts

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Assymetries, scars, swellings, dimpling and nipple
Breast Exam Inspection: Breasts
Arms relaxed, arms raised slowly, arms on hips and leaning forward
Breast Exam Inspection: The sequence of inspection positions
Normal and abnormal
Breast Exam Palpation: Palpate the [_____] breast first, then the [_____] breast
Hour of the clock, axillary tail and area under nipple
Breast Exam Palpation: Palpate along each [________], followed by the [_______] and [_______]
Breast Exam Palpation: When palpating the areolar area, observe for [______]
Axilla and supraclavicular fossae
Breast Exam Palpation: As well as the breasts, palpate the [______] and [______] for enlarged lymph nodes
Anterior, posterior, lateral and central
Breast Exam Palpation: The four palpable groups of axillary lymph nodes
Neck lymph nodes, ultrasound and biopsy
Breast Exam Additional Tests