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This is the change in the dose-response curve caused by competitive antagonism
Irreversible antagonist
An antagonist that does not dissociate from the binding site
Non-competitive antagonist
An antagonist that binds to other binding sites on the protein receptor than the agonist's site
Pharmacological antagonism
A type of antagonism where the agonist and antagonist bind to the same receptor
Physiological antagonism
A type of antagonism where two different receptors cause opposing physiological effects
Pharmacokinetic antagonism
A type of antagonism where one drug alters blood concentration of a second drug
Therapeutic ratio
Dose required to induce side-effect (TD50) / therapeutic dose (ED50)
Therapeutic index
A comparison of the amount of a therapeutic agent that causes the therapeutic effect to the amount that causes death
Blood vessels associated with the heart and brain
Peripheral vascular
All other vessels relating to the carriage of blood other than cardiovascular
Lymphatic vascular
Drainage system for extra-cellular fluid
Tunica intima
Inner layer of a blood vessel
Tunica media
Middle layer of a blood vessel
Tunica adventitia
Outer layer of a blood vessel
Inner surface of the myocardium, analogous with T. intima