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Shorthand for 'treatment'
A wide QRS complex indicates a [_______] route of conduction
Escape beats occur [_______]
Extra-systoles occur [_______]
Pacemaker cells, cardiac myocytes
Escape rhythms originate from [_______], extrasystoles (from ectopic foci) originate from [_______]
Early afterdepolarisations
A type of afterdepolarisation where Ca2+ channels reactivate during repolarisation, causing extra depols during repol
High heart rate
EADs are suppressed by [_______]
Delayed afterdepolarisations
A type of after depolarisation where intracellular Ca2+ has become so high that cells fire off spontaneous action potentials
A term used to describe a cardiac impulse that re-excites a region through which the impulse has already passed
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
A heart condition in which there is an abnormal extra electrical pathway of the heart