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CVRR 62 Microanatomy of the Urinary System

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The area of the nephron where filtration of plasma occurs
PCT and LoH
The areas of the nephron where tubular re-absorption occurs
DCT and CD
The area of the nephron where tubular secretion occurs
Vasa recta
The area of the nephron where concentration occurs
Urine is excreted from the kidney via the [_____]
1 million
There are approximately [______] nephrons in the kidney
Average length of a nephron (cm)
Osmoregulation and excretion
Nephrons perform the functions of [_______] and [_______]
Renin, erythropoietin and vitamin D
The three hormones produced by the kidney
The hormone of the kidney which links to aldosterone to control blood pressure
The hormone of the kidney which stimulates red blood cell production
Vitamin D
The hormone of the kidney which regulates calcium balance
The approximate size of the adult kidney (cm)
The whole urinary collecting system in the kidney is described as the [________] system
Fibrous capsule and trauma
The kidney is surrounded by a [_______], which is surrounded by a thick layer of perinephric fat which provides some protection from [______]
Renal corpuscle and renal tubule
The nephron consists of a [______] and a [______]
Bowman's capsule and glomerulus
The renal corpuscle consists of the [________] and the [________]
Vascular pole
The afferent and efferent arterioles enter and leave the renal corpuscle at the [_______]
Urinary pole
A location on the renal corpuscle opposite to the vascular pole
The length of an individual renal tubule in humans (mm)
Epithelial cells
The renal tubule is lined by a single layer of [_______]
Of approximately 120 ml/min of ultrafiltrate, all but about [_] ml/min is reabsorbed