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CVRR 62 Glomerular Filter

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Capillary endothelium, basement membrane and podocytes
The three layers of the glomerular filter, from deep to superficial
Glom. Filter: The capillary endothelium contains numerous [______]
Glom. Filter: Fenestrations make up [__]% of the capillary endothelium
70-100 nm
Glom. Filter: The diameter of capillary endothelium fenestrations
Glom. Filter: The capillary endothelium is [______]-charged
Glycoprotein and podocalyxin
Glom. Filter: The capillary endothelium gains its negative charge from a surface layer of [______], called [_______]
Glom. Filter: The basement membrane is much [thicker/thinner] than other basement membranes
Glom. Filter: The thickness of the basement membrane (nm)
Type 4 collagen, glycoproteins and proteoglycans
Glom. Filter: The three components of the basement membrane 'feltwork'
Fibronectin and laminin
Glom. Filter: The two glycoproteins of the basement membrane 'feltwork'
Basement membrane
Glom. Filter: Fibronectin and laminin are two glycoproteins of the [_______]
Heparan sulphate
Glom. Filter: The proteoglycans of the basement membrane 'feltwork' are rich in [______]
Lamina rara externa
Glom. Filter: The external layer of the basement membrane
Lamina densa
Glom. Filter: The central layer of the basement membrane
Lamina rara interna
Glom. Filter: The internal layer of the basement membrane
Negatively charged
Glom. Filter: Both 'rara' layers of the basement membrane are [________]
Filtration slits
Glom. Filter: The podocyte layer has gaps called [______]
Glom. Filter: The uniform width of podocyte filtration slits (nm)
Glom. Filter: Filtration slits are bridged by a diaphragm [__] nm thick
Glom. Filter: The glycoprotein coating of the podocyte layer is made up of [_____]
Capillary endothelium and podocyte layer
Glom. Filter: Podocalyxin is present in both the [_______] and [_______]
Contractile and phagocytic
Glom. Filter: As well as elaborating the basement membrane, podocytes have [_____] and [_____] functions
Charge, size and configuration
The three factors determining permeability of macromolecules through the glomerular filter
Size of fenestrations, thick basement membrane and size of filtration slits
Three key factors that make the glomerular filter effective