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Commonest mutation for cystic fibrosis
1 in 2400
Number of live births affected by CF in the UK
1 in 25
Frequency of CF gene in Caucasians
Study of tissues
Study of cells
Simple tissue
A tissue composed of one cell type
Compound tissue
A tissue composed of a number of cell types
0.5 micrometres
The resolution of a light microscope
0.2 micrometres
The resolution of a confocal microscope
0.002 nanometres
The resolution of an electron microscope
Haematoxylin and eosin stain
Most common dyeing method in histology
Alcian blue
Dyeing method in histology - goblet cells blue, connective tissue red
Uranyl acetate
Dyeing method in histology - vesicles black
Schiff's reagent
Bleached fuchsin dye
Periodic Acid Shiffs
Tissue labelling
Intracellular labelling