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CVRR 70 Sodium Balance

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Most abundant cation in extracellular fluid
Most abundant cation in intracellular fluid
Changes in Na+ in ECF leads to changes in [_____] content to maintain ECF osmolarity
Effective circulating volume
Virtual circulating volume within the vascular space
Atrial, arterial and Juxtaglomerular apparatus
The three types of 'volume sensors' monitoring changes in effective circulating volume (ECV)
Renal sympathetic, ANP and ADH
Atrial baroreceptor response to increased ECV: decreased [_______] nerve activity, increased [___] production and reduction of [___] production
Heart rate, ADH and renal sympathetic
Arterial baroreceptor response to increased volume: increase in [______], decrease in levels of [___] and decreased [_____] nerve activity
Renin and angiotensin
Juxtaglomerular apparatus response to increased volume: reduction in release of [____] and decrease in levels of [_______] and aldosterone
Increase in renal sympathetic nerve activity leads to an [increase/decrease] in Na+ reabsorption (increased ECV)
Renin secretion, ADH secretion and Renal sympathetic nerve activity
Increase in ECV will decrease [______] and increase ANP release
Smooth muscle cells
Renin is produced by the [_______] of the afferent arterioles
Renin is produced when there is a decrease in [________] arteriole pressure
Key hormone in changing Na+ levels
Angiotension II [increases/decreases] aldosterone secretion