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NME 4 Biochemistry of the Vitamins

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Vitamin D
The only "vitamin" not exclusively synthesized from your diet (actually a hormone)
Vitamins A D E K
The fat soluble vitamins
Vitamins Bs and C
The water soluble vitamins
Vitamins K Bs and C
Vitamins that act as precursors of co-factors for metabolically important enzymes
Vitamin B1
The process whereby a CO2 is removed from a molecule
Vitamin B1
Vitamin [___] is converted to thiamine pyrophosphate, which is involved in oxidative decarboxylation reactions in the TCA cycle
Beri-Beri and Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome
Diseases resulting from vitamin B1 deficiency
Vitamin B2
A condition resulting from B2 deficiency
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B3
Vitamin [__] serves as a co-factor found in NAD and NADP. Important in oxidative phosphorylation and reductive reactions. Carrier of hydride ion to electron transport chain
A disease resulting from vitamin B3 deficiency
Pantothenic acid
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B5
Vitamin [__] is a component of CoA
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6
Vitamin [__] is involved with any metabolic pathways involving amino acids
Vitamin B7
Vitamin B7
Vitamin [__] is a coenzyme involved in carboxylation, carrying CO2 (eg. gluconeogenesis)
Vitamin B9
Vitamin B9
Vitamin [__] is important in production of DNA (produce purine and pyrimidine bases). Cancer treating drug agent.
Folic acid antagonist that prevents production of DNA
Folic acid antagonists. Also antibiotics that prevent the production of DNA
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12
Vitamin [__] is vital in conversion of homocystein to methionine, and the isomerization of methylmalonyl CoA
Ascorbic acid
Vitamin C
Vitamin C
Vitamin [__] is an antioxidant and a reducing agent
The Retinoid molecules
Vitamin A
Retinoic acid
The active form of vitamin A
Vitamin A
Vitamin [__] aids vision, reproduction, growth and maintenance of epithelial tissue
Vitamin D
Exposure to the sun activates a precursor for vitamin [__] in your skin. Also ingested in the diet
1, 25-dihydroxycholecalciferol
Active form of vitamin D
The tocopherols
Vitamin E
Vitamin E
Vitamin [__] is an antioxidant and has a role in gene expression
Vitamin K
Vitamin [__] is a coenzyme enabling the tranformation of clotting factors 2, 7, 9 and 10 to their mature form
Anti-coagulation drug (anti-vit K)
A condition resulting from vitamin A overdose
A condition resulting from vitamin D overdose
A condition resulting from vitamin K overdose