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NME 4 Glycogen

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Glycogen is a branched [______] of glucose
Skeletal muscle
The liver and [______] are the major storage places for glycogen
Glycogen makes up [__] of the weight of the Liver
Glycogen makes up [__] of the weight of skeletal muscle - a lot more in comparison to the Liver
Glycogen Phosphorylase
[______] catalyses the breakdown of glycogen into glucose
Glycogen Synthase
[______] catalyses the synthesis of glycogen
Phosphorylase Kinase and Protein Phosphatase-1
The enzymes that regulate glycogen breakdown and synthesis are controlled by this enzyme
This part of the body degrades glycogen for its own use and is regulated by the energy needs of its own cells
The organ that achieves blood glucose homeostasis
Glucagon and Insulin
The two main hormones affecting the breakdown and synthesis of glycogen
Insulin and ATP
Glycogen Phosphorylase is affected by two main factors - hormones, [______] and glucagon; and allosteric factors e.g. amount of [______]
∝ 1,6-glucosidase
The enzyme responsible for debranching glycogen
Glucose 1-phosphate
When glycogen is degraded it is broken down into a glycogen molecule and a [______] molecule
Glucose 6-phosphate
Glucose 1-phosphate is later converted into [______]
Converted to glucose
The fate of glucose 6-phosphate in the liver
Glycolysis pathway
The fate of glucose 6-phosphate in the brain/muscles