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NME 6 Histology of the GI Tract

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Submandibular glands are located either side of the [______]
Squamous epithelium
The oesophagus is lined with [______]
The muscle layer in the oesophagus contains both smooth and [______] muscle
Stratified squamous epithelium
The type of epithelium forming the mucosa of the oral cavity, pharynx, oesophagus and anal canal
Submandibular gland
The salivary gland that is both mucous AND serous secreting
Serous and mucous
Submandibular salivary glands are both [_____] and [_____] secreting
Salivary glands
Submandibular, sublingual and parotid glands are all [______]
Columnar epithelium
The type of epithelium lining the small intestine
Villi, microvilli and mucosal folds
Three structures helping the small intestine achieve a large surface area
Another name for the mucosal folds found in the small intestine
Immune cells
In the small intestine, the cells in the lamina propria contain [______]
Submucosa and duodenum
Brunner's Glands are located in the [______] of the [______]
Alkaline mucoid substance
Brunner's Glands secrete this substance
Water absorption
The large intestine is the main site for [______]
The large intestine contains many straight tubular glands, called 'crypts of [______]'
The large intestine is made up from [_] parts
Small intestine
Microvilli are only present in the [small/large] intestine
The part of the large intestine from which the appendix extends
Benign tumours that grow from glandular epithelium in the bowel
Crohn's disease
A condition causing inflammation and ulceration of the bowel, causing deep fissures
Regarding the gastric gland, Chief cells secrete [______]
Regarding the gastric gland, parietal cells secrete [___]
APUD cells, found in gastric pits, have a [______] function
The inner surface folds in the stomach are called [______]
Gastric pits
Openings in the stomach lining are called [______]
Protective, secretory, absorptive and absorptive/protective
The four types of mucosa in the gastrointestinal tract
Protective mucosa
A type of GI mucosa where the surface epithelium is stratified squamous
Secretory mucosa
A type of GI mucosa where mucosa consists of closely packed tubular glands (not absorptive and protective)
Absorptive mucosa
A type of GI mucosa where mucosa are arranged in finger-like projections called villi with short glands called crypts
Absorptive and protective mucosa
A type of GI mucosa where mucosa consists of closely packed tubular glands (not secretory)
Anal canal
GI Tract Locations: protective mucosa
GI Tract Locations: secretory mucosa
Small intestine
GI Tract Locations: absorptive mucosa
Large intestine
GI Tract Locations: absorptive and protective