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NME 7 Embryology of the GI Tract (I) - EMIs

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Anal atresia
Defect: A new born baby has failed to pass meconium within 48 hours of birth, but otherwise appears to be feeding normally
Defect: An ultrasound scan of a 26 week fetus reveals that an extended loop of midgut lies in a sac outside the body wall
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Defect: A new born baby shows difficulty in breathing, which increases with time. The heart and lungs are displaced markedly to the right
Pyloric stenosis
Defect: A three week old baby boy shows projectile vomiting after feeding. The regurgitated milk is not markedly altered in colour. An olive sized mass can be palpated in his abdomen
Duodenal stenosis or atresia
Defect: A new born baby girl shows persistent non-projectile vomiting of green stained milk some time after feeding, along with failure to thrive