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Sannu da aikî
Greetings at work
Sannu da hûtâwâ
Greetings at rest
Sannu da zuwâ
Bar̃kâ da asuba
Good morning
Bar̃kâ da râna
Good day
Bar̃kâ da darê
Good evening
Inâ kwânâ?
How was the night?
Inâ gajiyâ?
How is the tiredness?
Yâyâ aikî?
How is work?
Yâyâ makar̃antâ?
How is school, studying?
Yâyâ lâbâr̃î?
How is the news? What's up?
Yâyâ ruwâ?
How is the rain?
Yâyâ gidâ?
How is the household?
Yâyâ iyâlî?
How is the family?
Yâyâ garî?
How is town?