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Yâyâ gumî?
How is the hot season?
Tô, zan tafi
I'm going to leave now
Ki gai da gidâ
Greet those at your home
Sauka lâfiyâ
Safe journey
Sai an jimâ
See you later
Sai gôbe
See you tomorrow
Sai wata rânâ
See you another day
Mu kwâna lâfiyâ
Sleep well
Allah ya bâ mu alhêr̃î
May god give us good fortune
Allah ya sa
May god will it
Lâfiyâ lau
Yâyâ sûnanka?
What's your name (mas)?
Yâyâ sûnanki?
What's your name (fem)?
Yâyâ sûnansa?
What's his name?
Yâyâ sûnanta?
What's her name?