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As ni bilāi (labban) Prūsiskan
I don't speak Prussian (well)
Bilāi tū Ēngliskai?
Can you speak English?
Bilāi tū Laītawiskai, Miksiskai, adder Maskowitiskāi?
Can you speak Lithuanian, German, or Russian?
As ni izpresta stan
I don't understand
Kwēi ast tualatti?
Where is the toilet?
Ka tū bilāi?
What are you saying?
Kasse stubba stan ast?
Whose room is this?
Kwēi ast majā stubba?
Where is my room?
As kwāi eīskinsnan be as kwāi tennan teinū!
I want an explanation and I want it now!
Kwēi lazinna tū tennans?
Where did you put them?
Turri tū __?
Do you have __?
Aumetti tū swajjan āumenin?
Have you lost your mind?
Ni enkāusinais men stwen!
Don't touch me there!
Kāigi bilītun ___ Prūsiskai?
How do you say ___ in Prussian?
As aumetti majjan kūrin telafōnan.
I lost my mobile phone.
As blāndi si, tū blāndi si be nūmans abbans prawerru tikrintun šan blāndan.
I was wrong, you were wrong, and both of us need to correct this mistake.
Mazzi as nameslai?
Can I ask a question?