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Vitamins (fat-soluble) (function)

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Vitamin A – Retinol
Required for vision and reproduction (sperm production, foetal development). Supports growth and cell maturation, bone formation and gene expression (DNA binding). Helps the body resist infection and maintain healthy mucous membranes
Vitamin D – D2 (plants -ergocalciferol), D3 (animals - cholecalciferol)
Needed for calcium and phosphorus absorption, calcium mobilisation from bones and increasing calcium resorption in the kidneys
Vitamin E - Tocopherol
Natural antioxidant, helps healing, prevents scarring. Keeps nerves and red blood cells healthy. Protects cell membranes
Vitamin K – Phylloquinone (plants), menaquinone (gut bacteria)
Promotes blood clotting and is involved in the formation of osteocalcin (binds calcium involved in bone formation)