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to reckon
penser, to believe that sth is true,
to reflect
to cram
bûcher, study hard in a short time
bien informé (He is extremely _ about business and finance)
mock exam
examen blanc
to plagiarise
to amend
modifier, amender
to decay
se déteriorer, déterioration (tooth _)
to distort
altérer (journalists often _ statistics)
to refine
raffiner, affiner, make some changes in order to improve sth (you need to _ your argument)
to brush up on
se rafraîchir la mémoire sur qc, practise and improve your skills or knowledge of sth
to come round
changer d'avis, change your opinion or decision because sb has persuaded you to agree with them
to face up to
faire face à, accept sth and try to deal with it
to hit upon
suddenly have a idea, discover sth by chance
to make out
distinguer, déchiffrer ; see, hear or understand sb or sth with difficulty ; suggest ; imply
to piece together
rassembler, reconstituer, learn the truth about sth by considering all the separate bits of info you have
to puzzle out
deviner ; solve a confusing or complicated pb by thinking carefully about it
to read up on
get info on a particular subject by reading a lot about it
to swot up on
bûcher, study sth very hard, especially for an exam (S
to take in
understand and remember sth you heard or read ; accept sth as real or trye ; trick sb into believing it is not true, tromper
to think up
inventer, invent or imagine sth, especially an excuse
by all accounts
au dire de tout le monde
beyond belief
to be beyond belief
dépasser l'imagination