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to strike a balance
trouver un juste milieu
on balance
tout compte fait
off balance
to upset the balance
perturber l'équilibre
to pick sb's brains
demander conseil à qn
to rack sb's brains
se creuser la tête
it's a foregone conclusion
c'est inévitable, c'est couru d'avance
to cast doubt on sth
mettre qc en doute
go to your head
monter à la tête
have your wits about you
avoir toute sa présence d'esprit ; be able to think quickly and make sensible decisions
in the dark (about)
not knowing very much about something, because other people are keeping it secret from you
know what's what
know the important facts about a situation
not have a leg to stand on
not have any way of proving your are right about sth
not see the wood for the trees
used for saying that sb cannot understand what is imortant in a situation because they are thinking too much about small details
put two and two together quick on the uptake
taking a very short (long) time to understand or realise sth
round the bend
split hairs
argue or warry about very small details or differences that are not important
take stock (of)
spend some time thinking about the situation you are in before you decide what to do next
to take one's mind off sth
se distraire de qc
to beg the question
faire l'impasse sur l'essentiel
to put the record straight
mettre les choses au clair
some straight talking
des propos très directs
to imbibe
absorber (liquide)