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to change into
transformer en qc / stop being in one state condition or form and start being in another /take off the clothes or a piece of clothing you are wearing and put on different ones
to change around
more things so that they are in different places or positions
to give change out of 100 euros
remettre sur 100 euros
to do away with
se débarasser de
to do up
refaire, retaper, attacher vêtement / repair, paint and improve an old building, car, boat / fasten (an item of clothing)
to fade away
s'affaiblir, dépérir / disappear slowly
to key in a password
taper un code secret
to take apart
défaire, démonter / separate an object into pieces
to test out
mettre qc à l'essai, try using sth to find out whether it works
to use up
use all of a supply of sth
to wear out
user, épuiser, use sth a lot so that in no longer works
to break with a tradition
rompre avec une tradition
to make the break from sb
rompre avec qn
dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre
to go like clockwork
aller comme sur des roulettes
to date back to last month
dater du mois dernier
to be in demand
être demandé
on demand
à la demande
to be in the know about sth
être au courant de qc
to be in the lead
avoir la main
to swap places with
changer de place avec
to take the wheel
prendre le volant
behind the wheel
derrière le volant
at the wheel
au volant
a leopart can't change its spots
used for saying that sb will never change their behaviour or character
all mod cons
all modern conveniences, the machins and pieces of equipment in your house that make life easy and comfortable
break the mould
change a situation by doing sth that is very different from what most people usually do or have done in the past
change your tune
change your opinion or attitude
know sth inside out
be very familiar with
reinvent the wheel
inventer l'eau chaude
stick to your guns
refuse to change what you are saying or doing despite the opposition or criticism of other people
the tools of the trade
the skills and equipement that you need in order to do your job
turn over a new leaf
change your life by starting to be a better person or stoppin a bad habit
de nouveau
nouvellement, fraîchement (paint)
in use
utiliser (avec préposition)
at a later date
à une date ultérieure