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to fumble around
tâtonner, fouiller (F)
to fumble an answer
bredouiller une réponse
He didn't bat an eyelid
il n'a pas bronché
He was as cool as a cucumber
il a gardé son sang froid
I'm famished
je suis affamé
I'm stuffed
je suis plein
He's thick
il est lourd / bête
He's a real egghead
c'est un vrai intello
every two weeks
toutes les deux semaines
to give away
révéler, distribuer, conduire à l'autel
to give the game away
vendre la mèche
to give sb away
dénoncer qn
to rig
truquer (élection), manipuler (marché)
suffisant (C)
kind of, sort of => Formal
clearly, evidently
of course => Formal x 2
just => Formal
actively considering
thinking about it
afford an opportunity
give a chance
and indeed
as matters stand
the way things are
at an early date
soon (1)