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according to (prep)
in compliance with, as stated by
allocate (v)
amplify (v)
to make sth louder or to increase the size of effect of sth
attempt (v)
to try do sth., especially sth difficult
attenuate (v)
to make sth smaller, thiner, weaker
elicit (v)
to get or produce sth, especially information or a reaction
exceed (v)
go over
ensure (v)
to make sth to happen
investigate (v)
to examine a crime, problem etc. carefully, especially to discover the truth
interfere with (v)
to prevent sth from working effectively or from developing successfully
likely (adj)
sth that will probably happen or is expected
nonetheless (lw)
noxious (adj)
very harmful and unpleasant
obtain (v)
peripheral (adj)
happening at the edge of sth
likely (adj)
pinch (v)
to grip tightly between forefinger and thumb
point out (v)
to tell someone about some information
pose a threat (exp)
to cause a problem, danger or difficulty
punch (v)
to hit sb with a fist
referral (n)
when you direct someone to a different place or person for information
sedentary (adj)
involving little exercise or physical activity