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affect (n.)
abrasion (n)
a surface that has been rubbed away
ache (n)
a continuous pain, unpleasant but not strong
ache (v)
physical pain
aspiration (n)
sth that you hope to achieve
boil (n)
painful red swelling on the skin, that is filled with pus (=thick yellow liquid)
bout (n)
short period of illness, or involvement in a captivity
bruise (n)
a mark of the skin that is darker in color
collate (v)
to bring together and arrange
compromise (v)
endanger, put in jeopardy
ensure (n)
to make sth to happen
elicit (v)
to get or produce sth, especially information or a reaction
enrol (v)
to put yourself onto the official list of members
excruciating (adj)
extremely painful
itch (v)
to have an uncomfortable feeling on the skin and you want to rub