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odds (pl.n)
probability, chance
pain relief (n)
way to take away or lessen the pain
persistent (adj.)
rash (n)
a lot of small red spots on skin
scar (n)
a mark on the body after injury
score (adj)
painful and uncomfortable because of injury, infection or too much use
sting (v)
to get a small but painful injury from an insect, plant or animal
tackle (v)
to try to deal with sth or someone
threshold (n.)
the level or point at which sth starts to happen
throb (v)
1. to produce a strong regular beat; 2. you feel pain in the body in a series of regular beats
tingel (v)
to have a feeling as if a lot of sharp points are being put quickly and lightly into your body
to experience sth which is unpleasant or which involves a change
underwent, undergone