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address an issue
to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
accomplish (v)
to finish sth successfully or to achieve sth
acknowledge (v)
to accept, admit sth
advance (n)
the forward movement of sth
analyse (v)
to examine sth in detail, in order to discover more about it
analysis (n)
when you analyse sth
augment (v)
to increase sth by adding sth
adverse (adj.)
having a negative or harmful effect on sth
ascertain (n)
to finde out, discover or make certain
bully (v)
to hurt someone, often forcing them to do sth they do not want to do
cohort (n)
group of peers
coincide (v.)
to come together in place or time
confounder (n)
a factor that might influence the outcome
compile (v)
to collect information und arrange it in a list
comprise (v)
to have parts or members or to be those parts or members