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modify (v.)
to chance sth; ALTER
malpractice (n.)
failure to act correctly or legally when you doing your job
maintain (v.)
to keep up; to continue to have
measurement (n.)
a way of achieving sth
measure (n.)
a basis for comparison; to discover the exact size or amount of sth
occur (v.)
be present; to happen; to exist
occurrence (n.)
the fact of sth happening
why sth exist or why you do sth
preliminary (adj.)
coming before a more important action or event, especially introducing or preparing for it
predominant (adj.)
more importent than others
principal (adj.)
MAIN; first in order of importance
pre-term delivery
a birth that happens too early
premature (adj.)
happening or done too soon
pregnant (adj.)
having young developing
pregnancy (n.)
the state of being pregnant