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former (adj.)
of or in an earlier time: in the past; ex-
lethal (adj.)
deadly; extremly dangerous
mention (v.)
to speak about sth quickly, giving little detail or using few words
major (adj.)
more important, bigger or more serious that others
neclected (adj.)
not receiving enough care or attention
onset (n.)
the moment at which sth unpleasant begins
persuade (v.)
to make someone do or belive sth by giving them a good reason to do it or by making them believe it
predecessor (n.)
someone who had a job or a position before someone else
to suggest that someone or sth would be good or suitable for a particular job
severe (adj.)
very serious
subsequently (adv.)
happening after sth else
threaten (v.)
If sth bad is likely to happen
take in to (exp.)
to consider when judging a situation
trial (n.)
a test to discover how effective sty or someone is