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Golja þuk
I greet you
godana maurgin
good morning
godana dag
good day
goda naht
good evening
I am
Ik im
I am the person who is (stress)
hva ist namo þein?
What's your name?
hvas ist
who is (male)
hva ist
what is
Wulfila ist namo mein
My name is Wulfila
hvaþro qimis?
Where do you come from?
qima fram þiudiskalanda
I 'm from Germany
qima fram Swaihareikja
I 'm from Sweden
qima fram Fragkareikja
I 'm from France
Qima fram Niþeralanda
I 'm from the Netherlands
Qima fram Bandaþiudangardja
I 'm from the United Kingdom
im anakunnands
I 'm reading
rodja Gutrazda
I speak Gothic
wiljau rodjan Gutrazdai
I want to speak Gothic
hvaiwa is?
How are you?
I write
Waila andanems
im timrja
I 'm a carpenteer
im bokareis
I 'm a writer
im waurstwja
I 'm an employee