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im witodalaisareis
I 'm a law teacher
im laisareis
I 'm a teacher
im siponeis
I 'm a student
Hvileikos razdos magt rodjan?
Which languages can you speak?
rodja twos razdos
I speak two languages
rodja þiudiskarazda
I speak German
rodja aggilarazda
I speak English
hva wileis?
What do you want?
hvar ist?
Where is?
hvar ist so baurgs?
Where is the city?
hvar ist sa gards?
Where is the house?
hva ist in þamma garda?
What's in the house?
Habais raida?
Do you have a car?
Haba raida
I have a car
Haba gard
I have a house
Haba sah gard
I have this house here
Gutrazda ni ju rodjada
The Gothic language doesn't get spoken anymore
So skauno razda rodjada her
This beautiful language is spoken here
Skauna razda rodjada her
A beautiful language is spoken here
Aggilarazda jah þiudiskarazda fram managaim rodjanda
English and German get spoken by a lot of people