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uyu munsi aragenda
Today he goes
uyu munsi arajya ku misozi
Today he goes to the mountains
uyu munsi barajya ku misozi
Today they go to the mountains
umugati uri he?
Where is the bread?
imigati iri he?
Where are the breads?
Ufite ababyeyi?
Do you have parents?
Yego mfite ababyeyi
Yes I have parents
Ababyeyi bawe batuye hehe?
Where do your parents live?
Batuye i Gashora
They live in Gashora
Papa wawe akora iki?
What does your father do?
Ukora iki hano?
What are you doing here?
Ndiga ikinyarwanda
I study Kinyarwanda
ukora wiga?
what do you study?
Kuki wiga ikinyarwanda?
Why do you study Kinyarwanda?
Kuko nshaka kugira incuti mu Rwanda
Because I want to make friends in Rwanda