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Economists and Philosophers - Pre-1939

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Karl Marx
German philosopher, founder of Marxism
Friedrich Engels
Marx's long-term collaborator
Vladimir Lenin
Key theorist and figure in the Russian Revolution, critic of Imperialism
Leon Trotsky
Wrote a history of the Russian Revolution, murdered by Stalin
German philosopher who Marx 'stood on his head'
Antonio Gramsci
Italian theorist of 'Hegemony'. Spent a while in prison.
Karl Kautsky
The 'pope of Marxism'
Rosa Luxemburg
Spartacist, and key theorist of 'spontaneity' in struggle
James Connolly
Irish Socialist Republican executed by the British after the Easter Rising
Helen Macfarlane
Scotswoman who first translated The Communist Manifesto in 1850
Mikhail Bakunin
Prominent Anarchist with whom Marx split after the 1st International