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Economists and Philosophers - Post-1939

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Che Guevara
Argentinian revolutionary, key figure of the Cuban revolution. On T-shirts.
David Harvey
Marxist geographer, made Internet famous by a serious of video lectures
Frederic Jameson
20th Century theorist of 'postmodernism as the logic of late capitalism'
Georg Lukacs
Hungarian theorist of the 'totality'
Toni Negri
Italian Autonomist imprisoned in in 1979
Theodor Adorno
Key 'Frankfurt School' figure, very Negative, keen on music.
Guy Debord
Author of 'Society of the Spectacle'
Slavoj Žižek
Sputtering foul-mouthed Slovenian
Terry Eagleton
British literary critic, recently wrote 'Why Marx Was Right'
Ernest Mandel
Author of 'Late Capitalism' and of the long-wave theory
Louis Althusser
French theorist, structuralist (maybe), killed his wife