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The first stage in the process is that the customer offers to pay by credit card
next step
The next step is the payment must be authorised by the credit card authority
Before/after ving
Before receiving the goods, the customer must first have his credit card payment authorised.
Before/after phrase
Before the customer can receive the goods, the credit card payment must first be authorised
until phrase
This is a tricky but extremely useful word. Its general use is to describe something that happens up to a point in time and then stops. It is frequently used as “not until”. The customer cannot receive his goods until the payment has been authorised. Like “before” and “after”, “until” is not used with a “will” Be careful with the spelling. Until only has one ‘l”, unlike “till” which has “ll”
Another useful word. This means almost the same as “After”.. Once the consumer’s bank has authorised payment, the goods can be released to the customer
Having p2
This is an excellent grammatical structure to use. It is just the sort of English that will impress the examiner. Having authorised payment by credit card, the consumer’s issuing bank releases funds to the merchant’s bank