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in addition, and, similarly, likewise, as well as, besides, further more, also, moreover and then too not only ... but, even, besides, this/that
first(ly) initially second(ly) etc.to begin with then next earlier/later after this/that following this/that afterwards
as a result thus so therefore consequently it follows that thereby eventually then in that case admittedly
however on the other hand despite in spite of though although but on the contrary otherwise yet instead of rather whereas nonetheless even though compared with in contrast alternatively
obviously certainly plainly of course undoubtedly
if unless whether provided that for so that whether depending on
is refers to means that is consists of
in conclusion in summary lastly finally to sum up to conclude to recapitulate in short
for instance one example for example just as in particular such as namely to illustrate
sức mạnh, sự cường tráng ◦ full of vigour đầy sức mạnh, mạnh khoẻ, cường tráng ▪ sức mãnh liệt, sức hăng hái, sự mạnh mẽ ◦ the vigour of an attack sức mãnh liệt của một cuộc tấn công ◦ to grow with vigour mọc mạnh mẽ ▪ khí lực ◦ man of vigour người có khí lực ◦ vigour of literary style khí lực của văn phong /'vigз/since as so because (of) due to owing to the reason why in other words leads to cause
before since as until meanwhile at the moment when whenever as soon as just as