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Cia mheud?
How many?
Cia mheud a tha seo?
How many are here?
Cunntais a-rithist
Count again
Cunntais iad seo
Count these
Cunntais bho aon gu deich
Count from 1 to 10
Cunntais air ais bho deich gu neoni
Count back from 10 to 0
Seòrsaich iad seo
Sort these
Dè an àireamh a tha seo?
What number is this?
Càite bheil sia?
Where is 6?
Seall dhomh seachd
Show me 7
Seo ochd
Here is/this is 8
Càite bheil an àireamh ochd?
Where is the number 8?
Dè an àireamh a tha a dhith?
Which number is missing?
A bheil dhà agad?
Do you have 2?
Tha aon agam
I have 1
Sgrìobh na h-àireamhan seo
Write these numbers
Sgrìobh na h-àireamhan aon gu deich
Write the numbers 1 - 10