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An àireamh ro
Number before
Dè an àireamh a tha ro deich?
What number is before 10?
An àireamh as dèidh
Number after
Dè an àireamh a tha as dèidh seachd?
What number comes after 7?
An àireamh eadar
Number between
Dè an àireamh a tha eadar ceithir is sia?
What number is between 4 and 6
Nas lugha na
Smaller than
Aon nas lugha na ceithir
1 smaller than 4
Aon nas motha na ochd
1 bigger than 8
Dean sia
Make 6
Dè tha trì agus dhà a' dèanamh?
What do 3 and 2 make?
Dhà cuir-ris dhà a' dèanamh ___?
2 add 2 makes ___?
Thoir air falbh
Take away
sia thoir air falbh aon a' fàgail ___?
6 take away 1 leaves ___?
seachd thoir air falbh dhà a' dèanamh ___?
7 take away 2 leaves ___?
Dean pàtran
Make a pattern
Dean aon eile, cia mheud a-nis?
Make 1 more, how many now?
Dean seataichean de trì
Make sets of 3