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Are you a doctor?
Da li si ti doktor?
I need
Ja trebam
Sometimes I need a doctor fast.
Ponekad ja trebam doktora brzo.
Then I go to a hospital.
Onda ja idem u bolnicu.
listen to that question again.
Slušajte ovo pitanje ponovo.
The verb is the word are.
Glagol je reč smo.
Are you?
Jeste li vi?
Say the question again.
Kažite to pitanje ponovo.
one more time
još jedanput
Say it one more time.
Kaži to još jednom.
Now stop and think.
Sada stani i razmisli.
Who are we talking about?
O kome mi pričamo u vezi?
And every sentence...
I svaka rečenica...
And every sentence has a subject and a verb.
I svaka rečenica ima subjekat i glagol.
Here is a rule for you to remember.
Ovde je pravilo za vas da upamtite.